Proper Care of Your Luxury Watch

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Proper Care of Your Luxury Watch

Luxury Watch Care


What to do, and it is quite simple!

When it comes to luxury watches, it can be said that each luxury watch is a piece of art and proper care should be taken to keep it running generation after generation. Watch is a very complex thing and requires a lot of attention. A proper care of watch consists of certain steps, which includes –


Storage: It is a primary thing when it comes to luxury watches. Moisture is quite harmful when you are storing your watch for a prolonged period. So, when you are planning to store your watch for a prolonged period, choose a dry moisture-free place.

You can also use moisture-absorbent silica gel when you are storing your lovely watch in places like a cupboard, wardrobe etc. Always keep it in mind that the casing is a delicate part, so store it on a soft and even surface with the dial side up at an optimum temperature.

Protection: As they say, “Prevention is better than cure… ” It is very much true in the case of your luxury watch too. Though premium watches are equipped with shock absorbing capabilities, still it is always advisable that you should protect your device from any type of shocks and jerks, which might damage the internal parts of your dream timepiece.



In case, you have an automatic watch, try to wear it regularly. However, if you are not wearing it for a prolonged period, wind it regularly, which will help your watch running normally.

Regular Servicing: No matter how you take care of your watch, it needs regular servicing. It includes thorough cleaning, lubrication, and check-up. If a watch is worn regularly, it needs to be serviced once in every three years. The watch worn occasionally should be serviced once in five years. While you are approaching any authorised service centre, make sure that they are going to service your watch thoroughly.

A routine servicing ensures that the mechanical parts inside your device are functioning properly. Any reputed watchmaker also ensures that gaskets responsible for the water-resistance are in proper condition and if they found any kind of flaws, they equip the case with new gaskets and ensures that the case and buckle are revamped like a new one.

Usage: As the wearer, it is entirely your responsibility to take the basic care of your watch. That includes certain things –

  • Never operate the day or/and date display functionality of your watch within 10 P.M. and 2 A.M.
  • Always try to wipe off the sweat from the backside of your watch with a dry cotton cloth.
  • Avoid exposing your device to water while the crown is in ‘out’ position.
  • If your watch comes with a ‘Helium Escape Valve’, avoid using that feature unnecessarily.

Following all these steps not only ensures a long working life of your stunning timepiece but also your watch remains ‘new’ after many years of use.


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